Ground and foundation works
Earthworks constitute a very important element when estimating the total investment budget. Thanks to special geological surveys, it is possible to calculate precisely earth masses and design the depth of foundation foundations.

We start our work on the construction site by collecting the top layer of soil, which is humus. The next step is to perform excavations for foundations. With the help of a surveyor and in order to avoid mistakes in doing the exact foundation, landmarks are applied for precise delineation of foundation footings.

The foundations are invisible but extremely important part of the investment. The entire building structure is based on them. MCM Project provides professional services in this area, adapting the course of work individually to existing soil and water conditions. Designers of MCM Project calculate and select optimal foundation solutions that will safely transfer loads and prevent uneven settlement of the object. Each of our projects is properly reinforced, guaranteeing structural stability even in adverse geological conditions.

Before commencing construction works, we order geologic surveys to an authorized geologist. This way we check the soil and the possibility of direct foundation of the object. Thanks to this, investors can be sure that under the control of the MCM Project further work is carried out adequately to the existing soil conditions.

At every stage of our work at the construction site, we pay special attention to the precise implementation and execution of all elements. We carefully check the position and positioning of individual structural elements. We provide every investment with geodetic control which is very important at the stage of laying the foundations. It allows to avoid errors and deviations in the verticality of structural elements.

Sample realizations

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