Production halls
Construction of industrial halls requires great knowledge and experience.

While proceeding to its implementation, you must define a lot of data, on the basis of which it will be possible to meet the investor’s expectations in terms of functionality, work safety, not burdensome operation as well as construction costs and later manufacturing hall’s handling.

Industrial and manufacturing halls
key issues

The key issues include the hall’s location (access to utilities, public roads, shape of a plot and neighbourhood) and the type of manufacture and the related processes. The type of product and its manufacture technology directly affect decisions related to the determination of the dimensions of the manufacturing hall, its equipment and an implementation standard. The manufacturing halls are usually more advanced than the storage halls because of the possibility of overhead cranes, workshop cranes or hoists generating additional static and dynamic loads on the hall’s support structure. In the manufacturing halls, often there should be a dedicated place to put industrial systems (a compressed air system, industrial water systems, smoke extraction systems).

While proceeding to the implementation of the industrial hall, fire requirements, which may prove to be a quite extended issue because of constant work of humans in manufacturing halls, should also be taken into account. In order to meet the requirements of investors and ensure efficient manufacture, thought-out “enclosure” of manufacture technology (frequently very advanced and expensive) with structure and covering the walls and roof of the constructed hall.

How do we prepare an offer
of industrial and manufacturing halls?

Basing on our knowledge and experience, we offer manufacturing halls that are best matched to the Client’s needs. We choose its size and shape so that area and volume of the hall are used in a maximum utilisable manner for a given technology, while the most economical solutions in terms of the supporting structure and casing are ensured. We take into account the working conditions in the hall (temperature, light, humidity), the safety of people and machines (escape routes, smoke venting systems, access to the hall), and the tightness and aesthetics of the roof and wall claddings (flat roofs covered with membrane, sandwich panels with mineral wool, polyurethane or polystyrene).

If you are interested in the implementation of a manufacturing or industrial hall, we encourage you to contact our experts, who will advise on the best solutions, appropriately tailored to the specific type of manufacture.

Sample realizations

The most important issue in creating the design the manufacturing hall is to understand the philosophy of the company, for which it is created. A properly planned facility increases the chance of success of its owners and is the basis for the processes that are to take place there. The building of this nature must provide a comfortable operation and optimum use of space.

The first stage of our realised projects is a thorough analysis of manufacture technology, to which we adjust all architectural and engineering elements.

We help the Investors to specify their needs and requirements, we present our suggestions and recommend the best solutions. At each stage of cooperation, we try to predict the future directions of the hall development, so that the implementation of next changes will be possible in the future.

We serve our Clients with knowledge supported with many years of experience both at the stage of concept development and during work on a construction site.

Because of the function and specifics of loads, the manufacturing and industrial halls require an individual approach to construction. One of the most important elements determining all activities related to the investment is the hall construction technology. Foundations, floor and internal systems are closely adapted to the devices and machines that eventually will be in the facility. We provide supreme comfort applying among others:

  • state-of-the-art finishing and insulation materials,
  • low-emissivity glass in the buildings’ façades,
  • innovative systems of heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Our recommended solutions influence the comfort and help to reduce the hall operation costs.

In the process of assembly of the manufacturing and industrial halls, the most important is to maintain the correct order of the executed works and a timetable for the actions. During construction, we pay special attention to the effect aesthetics, taking care of the architectural and engineering details. Our erected facilities are characterised by an innovative style, which makes them a “hallmark” of a modern company.


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