Sport arenas

Modern sport arenas should provide security, high comfort of use and low maintenance costs as well.

In order to design and construct a sports arena, you have to meet the requirements set by different sports. Usually, it is the size of a sports ground, runs, ice rinks and other sport arenas. Determining the rank of event or sports activities type, for which a given sport arena will be a dedicated, is equally important. While designing a facility, we always observe the provisions on the size of the stands, marshals post and press boxes, locker rooms and other social facilities and technical rooms.

Therefore, sport arena’s purpose has a direct impact on its size as well as the insulation manner of the roof and walls, ventilation and lighting.

Our offer includes the following facilities:

  • ridings
  • tennis courts
  • indoor ice rings
  • sports halls
  • auditoriums

Modern steel halls are an attractive alternative to sports facilities erected in traditional technologies. They enable to obtain large widths, without internal intermediate supports with optimal use of steel survivability characteristics at the same time. It I a big easing for the management of the sport area’s space with regard to the comfort and safety of its use. Great opportunities of roof and walls’ casing execution cause that we can successfully perform non-insulated ridings or lungeing pens with a roof cover protecting against steam sweating. This includes such facilities as school gyms, workout rooms or tennis courts enclosed with sandwich plates ensuring aesthetic appearance and good insulating properties.

By offering recreational and sport halls, we always verify their size and standard of finish on the basis of the guidelines for their purpose. In this way, we fulfil the criteria of the facility’s maximum usability and functionality, while ensuring economical construction and architectural solutions and attractive maintenance costs. We always draw our attention to the following elements:

  • an appropriate way of sport and recreational halls’ lighting with in natural light (skylights, windows)
  • appropriate ventilation (gravitational or mechanical)
  • ensuring an adequate level of comfort and safety (fire protection, emergency exits, protective borders and barriers)

Do you consider to construct a sport and recreation facility? Consult with our experts, so they can offer the best solution for your project.

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