Necessary documents and stages of building acceptance process are as follows

During execution of the investment it is worth to regularly collect documents essential for the building acceptance process, which will be as-built specifications.
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Technical acceptance of building and occupancy permit

As-built specifications consist of:

  1. Building design with marked changes, which were made during construction
  2. Construction log
  3. As-built land survey
  4. Reports of research and tests of installations, technical equipment and flues
  5. Technical supervision authorisations to operate technical equipment, such as cranes, pressure tanks
  6. Acknowledgment of acceptance utilities connectors
  7. Supporting documentations for quality of construction products

Technical acceptance of building and occupancy permit

Once a building is constructed, investor is required to inform authorities of State Sanitary Inspection and State Fire Service in the one of the following cases:

  1. If obligation of obtaining occupancy permit has been imposed towards the investor or
  2. If building design requires agreements with regards to fire protection, hygienic and health requirements

If mentioned above authorities do not take a position within 14 days of receipt of the notice, it is treated as failure to notify objection or comments. In the next stage, building should be accepted by the Construction Supervision authority. Procedure may be conducted in two ways:

  1. Obtaining the occupancy permit – if building was classified into one of the building categories according to Article 55 of construction law or if investor would like to begin occupancy before finishing construction works
  2. The notice of completion of construction to the Construction Supervision authority – in other cases

In the first case, the application makes at the same time the call for carry out mandatory inspections, which should be done before the expiry 21st day of receipt of the notion. Investor should be notified about the date of inspections within 7 days of receipt of the notion. Investor has an obligation to participate. After conducting of inspections minutes shall be taken.

During inspections primarily conformity of the building is checked (together with land development) in accordance with the building design, used construction products, execution of the demolitions and bringing the construction site to a proper condition. If irregularities have not been identified during inspections authority gives occupancy permit.

In the second case building may be occupied if the Construction Supervisor authority, within 14 days of receipt of the notice, does not object by a decision. Alternatively authority may, release a statement of lack of the basis of objection before that date, which also entitles to begin occupancy.

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